" For over a year I have struggled with having adult  acne and I have also struggled to find products and skin treatments that work for me and my skin. I have tried every skin product out there and even tried balancing my hormones which in turn made my skin 10 times worse. I was so unhappy with my skin, it was sore, red and inflamed and it was at that point I couldn't even wash my face without pain. I initially went to another skin clinic for 8 months and my skin became worse, after spending thousands of dollars already I decided to give ESHA SKIN AND BODY a go. Zabrina has helped me out from the very beginning and within 2 weeks of using Ultraceuticals products I noticed a dramatic difference in the reduction of cystic acne on my face. I have been receiving recommended skin treatments (Dermapen Skin Needling and Mandelic Peels) and the correct products that have done wonders for my skin and everyone I see notices how smooth my skin is. I am so grateful for everything Zabrina has done and guided me to do and I will continue my skin treatments with them."


Tegan Phipps





Results: 9th August  -  21st January


"I was ashamed of my skin. I developed adult acne at age 21 due to various hormone treatments. The acne eventually improved when I treated my hormones naturally, however my skin was still prone to breakouts and the acne scars remained. I felt embarrased to have pimples in my 30s, so I used to cover up my skin with makeup, which only made my skin oily and even more prone to break outs. I really wanted beautiful skin for my wedding day, and went to Esha Skin and Body for some help. Monika gave me expert advice on what treatments, skin care and make up products were best suited to my skin.

Within the first few treatments my skin improved dramatically and my family and friends who had seen my problem skin over the years, were commenting on how clear it looked. After a few more months my skin texture and appearance had completely transformed. I now feel confident with my skin for the first time in

20 years. Thank you Monika and Esha Skin and Body team."


Stacey Nelson


"Thank you Monika for your expert advice on treatments, skin care and make up products that have completely transformed my skin, in both apperance and texture.

I am so happy with the results and feel confident about my skin for the first time in 20 years!"


Stacey Nelson




"Ever since I was pregnant with my second daughter, I started strugling with hormonal pregnacy-related pigmentation on my face.The area on my forehead was especially large in size and dark in colour. It made me feel self- conscious; I tried to style my side fringe to cover it up. Even a decent amount of make-up could not cover the dark spots on my forehead and every time I looked at a photo of me, it was the pigmentation I noticed first. I didn't realize much could be done with the pigmentation, but Monika and Kasey at Esha Skin and Body reassured me that their treatment could get rid of it. And with that hope I was more than happy to take on board their expert advice and recommendations, and started a series of regular treatments to target my problem area. 

I've seen drastic improvement in my pigmentation over the course of my treatments and most of my pigmentation spots on my forehead have completely disappeared, the rest has lightened dramatically.

Kasey and Monika treated my pigmentation with a combination of IPL treatments, skin peels and brightening treatments. Each treatment had an awesome effect and I saw results each visit. I also took on board Monika's advice regarding skin care products to use on my skin and incorporated Ultraceuticals Brightening Skincare products into my daily regime.

I love my new 'look' and instead of lathering my face in makeup, I now, often, walk  around makeup free, feeling confident and proud of my 'bare' skin. The treatmens did not only help my pigmentation but also my self-confidence. I cannot recommend the team Esha Skin and Body and their range of treatments highly enough.

Thank you Monika, Kasey and the Eska Skin and Body team."


Jolene Ejmont




"During a year working in Indonesia, I developed some quite dark pigmentation on my face, especially on my upper lip which was a result of not wearing sunscreen, increasing my sun exposure and being constantly on the contraceptive pill. I was really self-concious as I do not wear makeup and the pigmentation really stood out.

I went to Esha Skin and Body in Maroochydore and the girls were fantastic. After 4 IPL treatments almost all of the pigmentation had disappeared. I have olive skin and I was worried about how my skin would take to the treatment but i really could not be happier with the result. The girls were professional, approachable and knowledgeable about the IPL treatments and gave me realistic expectations of results.

I will definitely be more sun smart in the future and take better care of my skin, thanks ladies!"


Casey Murtagh




"Esha Skin and Body is an amazing experience and the staff are very insightful in treating every skin condition with great products and love and care. I am a user of Ultraceuticals Skincare and Youngblood Mineral Makeup and would highly recommend these products along with the great advice given by the ladies at Esha"


Cherie Jaggard




"Starting high school, I was very embarrased by my acne and didnt feel very confident in myself. The first year of high school, I tried using loads of different products that didn't work. After a year of trying to clear up my skin, I went to Esha Skin and Body and just after a few treatments, I could see a dramatic difference in my skin. My friends started to notice and I started to feel more confident with these results. I am so happy with the way my skin looks now and i can't thank Zabrina and Esha Skin and Body enough! I now feel so much more confident and happy in myself and the way i look!"


Chloe Johns




"I have been visiting Esha Skin and Body since it opened. All of the therapists, especially Monika and Kasey, are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I have had a few skin issues over the last few months and with their help and beautiful products, my skin is back to feeling youthful, fresh and problem free!

I always recommend Esha Skin and Body to my friends and encourage anyone to visit the salon for Monika and the therapists brilliant customer service, professional options and luxurious treatments"


Emma Gasparotto



"I enjoy my appointments at Esha Skin and Body where service is taken to a whole new level and treatments are both relaxing and enjoyable, thanks to Monika and her well trained team of therapists. I often arrive feeling stressed but leave feeling relaxed with beautiful healthy glowing skin after my favourite treatment; the Ultra ACE Signature Facial. I have also enjoyed other services from the menu including; Mandelic Peel, Eminence Organic Facial, Pedicure and the best ever eyebrow shaping, eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting. Esha Skin and Body therapists also prescribe the Ultraceuticals and Eminence Organic Skincare ranges for take home care. I believe that every women deserves to feel beautiful and to be pampered and that we should all take care of ourselves at any age. Thank you Esha Skin and Body"


Irene Deacon




"I have been having regular skin treatments from Esha Skin and Body for the past 3 years. My favourite treatment is the combination of a Mandelic Peel, Microdermabrasion and Vitamin Infusion which keeps my skin youthful and radiant"


The The Aung



 "I have noticed a huge improvement with my skin, since I have been going to Esha. I have been treating my skin with regular facials and peels which have made a big difference to my skin. I particularly like the A-Zyme Peels, the results are amazing! My skin is much smoother and I no longer get blemishes. I really love the Eminence range of Organic Skincare, which Monika selects to best suit my skin. I love the different fruity selections, the whole range smells amazing. It actually makes looking after your skin fun. A friend and I treated ourselves to a massage and facial for our birthdays last week, what a perfect present to give eachother! Monika and the girls at Esha run a great salon. I can't recommend them enough."


Marianne Fenton




"After seeing Monika from Esha for all my waxing, IPL hair reduction, tanning and tinting for over 2 years, it was only natural to ask for her expert opinion and guidance on all things "beauty" in the lead up to our wedding and throughout our pregnancy. In the lead up to our wedding, I wanted to focus on clearing up my skin of any blemishes and sunspots. Monika guided me through a 12 month plan focusing on these areas, including both salon treatments and a home care routine, using the Ultraceuticals range.

After only a few months, I started noticing a dramatic improvement in my skin. Sunspots were practically gone and blemishes were non-existent.

It was such a wonderful feeling waking up on our special day, knowing my skin was looking the freshest i can ever remember.

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and Monika has been by my side throughout this new chapter also. Even with all these new hormones, whenever we noticed a change in my skin, Monika knew what to recommend....keeping my skin looking it's clearest. Although there may be some things out of my control during this pregnancy, it's such a relief to know that my skin is not one of them!

Thank you Monika from Esha , for your continued advice and expertise in these areas over the past 3 years and always making me feel relaxed and refreshed when I walk out your doors."


Nicole Rosenboom




"At 23 I was still experiencing the same skin problems that I had as a teenager I have tried numerous approaches, including seeing a GP, but nothing worked. When my sister asked me to be her bridesmaid, I finally made the decision to invest more time and money into clearing my skin, so the photos would be a more positive experience. My sister had spoken to me about trying Ultraceuticals and actually going to see someone about getting the right combination of products.

I emailed Esha for information and Monika contacted me immediately to suggest that i just come in and she will take a look...so i did. The girls at Esha provided a comfortable environment where I was not afraid to ask questions about my skin. Monika's confidence and knowledge made it seem like it wasn't a huge problem and definitely one that they could fix.

Over the past year, I have gone from having absolutely no routine, no confidence and no idea about how to help myself....to being so confident with the results and new knowledge. I no longer feel the need to wear makeup every day. I am now able to maintain a relatively simple routine with Ultraceuticals products, in addition to the A-Zyme and Mandelic Peels and I understand why these work. Because of the girls extensive knowledge when it comes to skin and all the products and treatments that they offer, I would recommend them to anyone. This has been one of the best investments I have ever made and I am so thankful to Monika and Kasey for their hard work. The road is slow but the results are worth it!"


Rachael Wright




"I've been going to Esha since they opened and honestly I haven't looked back. My skin started to break out at the beginning of the year and my beauty therapist Monika came to my rescue. She suggested I try having some Mandelic Peels and to implement a homecare routine. I was amazed at how quickly my skin became clear and hydrated; it was such a noticeable difference. I would definitely recommend Monika to anyone who may be having trouble with their skin, you feel so much better when your skin looks healthy. Thank you Esha."


Nadine James



 "Since my move from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast in March my skin became noticeably dry, red and very irritated, especially on my chin. It seemed no matter what i tried, nothing was clearing my congested skin. My confidence started to dwindle which made me feel very self concious, especially when leaving the house. I found Esha Skin and Body and was booked in with a skin consultation with Kate, she recommended i try the mandelic acid skin peel (Vita-CLEAR Skin Workout) to clear out the congestion beneath my skin and relieve the redness and irritation. She guided me through the whole process and made me feel very comfortable every step of the way. The easy to follow daily skin care routine and regular Mandelic acid skin peel treatments Kate provided has given me remarkable results. I now have the confidence to very rarely wear makeup at all now and have received numerous amounts of compliments about how clear and smooth my skin looks. I cant thank Kate and the lovely helpful staff at Esha Skin and Body enough."


Bree Shilcock