Buy Now and Pay Later with zipPay!


Are you looking for a better way to pay for your treatments?


Do you want to get the treatment that you need now, and pay for it back later, when it suits you better?



The answer is ZipPay! ZipPay is designed to help you with getting the desired services, treatments and products at our salon today, even if you cannot fix up the bill rightaway. 





How does zipPay work?

 ZipPay is very easy to set up and it only takes 4 quick and easy to follow steps:


1. ZipPay Easy Application:


Log into zipPay and applyfor zipPay or zipMoney in order to cover the cost of your skin and body treatment.


2. ZipPay Easy Access:


Once approved and logged in, access your account on your computer or mobile in order to make a payment in-clinic.


3. ZipPay Easy Transactions:


Simply give your 6-digit code to the clinic staff, wait for confirmation and finilise the payment.


4. ZipPay Repay:


Pay-off your treatments and products over time and on your own terms. Once paid-off, you can reuse your zipPay, wherever Zip is accepted.



Did you know that you can BUY NOW and PAY LATER?


Pay by zipPay at the salon today.